“At its best a television program can be a constructive stimulus giving children the sense that they and their world are wondrous creations. They can show and tell about many different people who are capable of creating and doing marvelous things … in many different neighborhoods.”

Fred Rogers in“Curiosity: Thoughts from Fred Rogers for Parents, Caregivers and Teachers”


Mandy’s Place is designed to improve the cognitive, linguistic, and motor development of all children. We have purposely geared Mandy’s Place to the 3-6-age range because children of this age group are exploring themselves and the world around them in a very visceral manner, through sight, sound and taste.

According to the 2000 census, in San Francisco County alone, 45.7% of the population over 5 years of age speaks a language other than English in the home. Adding new sounds from other languages actually grows more neural connections in a child’s brain. This helps develop their listening and speaking abilities, while strengthening their ability to more effectively use language.


Mandy’s Place intends to stimulate a child’s mind, sparking and nurturing the desire to learn more of a culture, a language and the people who speak it. Dancing and movement are second nature to children; kids of this age group are or should be in perpetual motion developing their gross motor skills. Art and creating things on their own are everyday fun learning actives that help develop small motor skills and eye hand coordination. Food is all-important to this age group and helping children develop healthy eating habits is one of our goals.

Mandy’s Place looks forward to informing, educating and entertaining you and your children in the very near future.