"The Bay Area Video Coalition is honored to sponsor Mandy's Place, a weekly half-hour television program, to teach children ages 3 to 6 about different countries from around the world. BAVC has chosen to sponsor this project because Amanda Egron's project has all the elements of an extraordinarily successful and important work..."


“… Congratulations!!! ...you have combined all the right elements and done so in a very accessible way for children to gain knowledge and respect for the cultures you will be representing.”


Lori Eichler, Youth in Arts
Program Director
Performing Arts Series


“…I love it. ...you did an absolutely great job. Close-ups of kids…. perfect. Your host…wonderful. The music…absolutely great. Good for you!”

  Ruby Unger
Former “Miss Nancy”
Romper Room

“…Mandy’s Place has good quality and content and the themes are great!”

  Nancy Buxton-Colombeau
Lower School Assistant Principle
French American International School


“… We loved how the show will promote diversity and learning about other cultures. It’s lively, engaging, colorful and funny. It’s not boring for adults and yet is totally accessible to kids”.

  Mindy Aronoff, Director of Creative Services
Kacey Koeberer, Manager/Associate Producer
Caryn Sherne, Accounts Receivable
Bay Area Video Coalition