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By generously investing in Mandy's Place, you will make it possible for us to reach nearly one million children and their parents in the great Bay Area alone. Together we can improve the educational readiness of our multicultural and multilingual children.
Children are our future, our workforce, and our citizens.

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Our promotional video is also available in VHS.
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Mandy's Place


Our promotional tape was made possible thanks to the generous donation of time,
services and money by many people including:

Children and Teachers courtesy of:
The French American International School, Las Americas Child Development Center, and the San Francisco Unified School District
Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts
Art class footage and music courtesy of MCCLA
Mexico footage courtesy of Mike Cerre and Globe TV
One Big Family, words and music by Bob Schneider, Performed by Allison DeSalvo/
Happiness Is All Around You, Courtesy of World of Song Productions
The More We Get Together - Traditional, Performed by Allison DeSalvo / Happiness Is All Around You, Courtesy of World of Song Productions
Dubs courtesy of Claude Hurley, Dana Galloway and City College of San Francisco
Offline Editing equipment courtesy of BAVC


Alice and Bill Russell-Shapiro, Judy and Paul Fayollat, Charlotte Certain and Tom Morrison, Samuel Card and Jane Bray, Jane and Lawson Reed III, Kathleen McWiggins and George Hingston, Ray Moseley, Richard and Sarah James, Jeanne and Craig Brewster, Martin and Laura Reininger, Joseph and Marie-Pierre De Francesco, Kimberley Gott and Karen Mac Donald, Judith Stewart, Martin Sound Labs, David and Elizabeth Stroud, Racheal Perry and Marianna Sarver, Andrew and Josh Fonseca, P.J. Guillemot and S. J. Blytt


Jane Camblin, Director French American International School
Alma Robinson, Executive Director California Lawyers for the Arts
Ruby Unger, Former Miss Nancy of Romper Room